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Rooney Doodle (Guitar, Vocals) is one of the Doodlebops in the TV Series[1] He is played by Chad Mcnamra. Rooney first appeared in the episode Photo Op. Rooney is also Deedee, Moe's brother.


Rooney is a blue-skinned man with blue hair. He wears a beret on his head that has a music note on it. He wears a light blue shirt with red swirls on it under a pair of dark blue overalls. His overalls has a guitar on it (going diagonal, thus making one of the straps the top of a guitar, the other strap's button being a guitar pick). He wears a pair of blue socks and red slip-on shoes.


Rooney loves to invent things! He is full of curiosity and loves to tinker with things and figure out how they work.



  • Deedee Doodle - Sister
  • Moe Doodle - brother
  • Thomas Doodle - Second cousin

Memorable Quotes

  • "Don't pull the rope" - Rooney says it with Deedee, whenever someone's gonna pull the rope
  • "Rats!" - Rooney Says It
  • "I'm Rooney Doodle!"- Rooney's introduction to the show.

    Rooney never give's up. And neither should you.

"Whenever things get tough, whenever you feel you've had enough, just remember this simple little thing. Keep trying." Rooney's catch phrase.

"Did you ever wonder why..." Rooney's catchprase and song that he sings in What? When? Why?.

"Rooney D. is in da house! Well technically I'm on the bus, but it's all good peep " Rooney's sound and talk in A Different Look

"Oh you're right Deedee. I think I did forget to install that!" Rooney after knowing what Deedee realized in Robo Moe


  • Rooney Doodle's main color scheme appears to be the color blue. Unlike Deedee and Moe, Rooney is the only one of the 4 siblings with one set color. Deedee being pink and purple, and Moe Yellow and OrangeOrange.
  • Of his siblings and friend, he is the only one with hair made of foam.
  • Rooney is a Gaelic male name and means 'Red Haired' which Ironically Rooney has blue hair
  • Rooney like's to watch Demolition Derbies, even going so far as to make his own invention based off one.
  • Rooney actually wear's a red berret that matches his red shoe's but being the tallest, can only bee seen when he is looking downward.
  • One time during a concert in L.A Rooney Doodle didn't get booed off the stage midway and his brother Moe jumped on stage and led the band with Rooney and Deedee as backup causing the crowd to rise back up with a thunderous applause.
  • Rooney Doodle, like his siblings and friend, his character design was based off of one of the three hedgehog triplet's from the TV series Sonic Underground. Which was also made by Cookie Jar.
  • Rooney along with his siblings and friend like to skateboard.(Though Rooney isn't very good).
  • Rooney always has bad fanfares during the beginning of every episode.
  • Rooney's debut was Doodlebops Photo Op.
  • Sometimes Rooney makes the bad fanfare as failure when he introduces himself.

So funny.


  1. Doodlebops Photo Op
  2. Keep Trying
  3. O Solo Moe
  4. Cauliflower Power
  5. All Together Now
  6. Tap Tap Tap
  7. Bird Is The Word
  8. Count On Me
  9. Fast and Slow Moe
  10. Jumping Judy
  11. Very Scary
  12. Queen For A Deedee
  13. The Move Groove (cameo)
  14. Strudel Doodle
  15. Look In A Book
  16. High and Low
  17. Gibble Gobble Nabber Gabber
  18. The Bad Day
  19. Wobbly Whoopsy
  20. What? When? Why?
  21. Roar Like A Dinosaur
  22. Growing Moe
  23. AbracaDeedee
  24. What Did You See Today?
  25. Junk Funk
  26. Sad Glad Bumpy Grumpy
  27. Doodlebops Holiday Show
  28. The Eww Flower
  29. The Mighty Moe Machine
  30. The Bring-A-Sound-Arounder
  31. All Aboard The Doodle Train
  32. Switch A Doodle
  33. Star Struck
  34. A Different Look
  35. Deedee Superstar
  36. Best Hider Ever
  37. A Mess Of Doodles
  38. Step By Step
  39. The Blame Game
  40. Hold Your Horses
  41. The Unbearless Loadness Of Moe
  42. Fair Share
  43. Space Invader
  44. Don't Use It Don't Need It
  45. Where's Mudge?
  46. Moe's Lucky Clover
  47. Show and Tell
  48. Later Alligator
  49. The Solo Surprise
  50. Deedee's Big Break
  51. Moon Doodles
  52. Flat Sitis
  53. The Name Game
  54. Moe's Invention
  55. Rhymes With Orange
  56. Think Pink
  57. The Chicken and The Eggs
  58. All By Myself
  59. Moe's Dinosaur
  60. Deedee's Accordion
  61. Robo Moe
  62. Oh, Brother
  63. The Frazzles
  64. Way Better
  65. Around The World

Rockin Road Show Episodes

  1. Splish Splash Fun/Messypotamia
  2. The Trumpet That Roared/Mouthful Of Teeth
  3. Race Day/Night Light
  4. Where's Moe?/Bus Stop
  5. Deedee's Doodle/Bus Driver Bob
  6. Doodleball/Knighty Mighty
  7. Pancake Flip Flop/Stand Up Funny
  8. No Newbies/Stamp Champ
  9. Icky Ewwy/Show And Tell
  10. Harris Gets Embarrassed Memory Lane
  11. Mind Your Manners/Sharesies
  12. The Go-Go-Go-Kart/Only Half-Way
  13. The Wash Up/The Biggest Drums Ever
  14. Don't Forget To Ask Bop-Bop's New  Tricks
  15. The History Mystery Tour/Doggie Disappear-O
  16. Moe's Missing Mojo/Dancing With The Bops
  17. When I Grow Up/Follow The Leader
  18. Super Doodles/One Up
  19. Atlantis Ahoy!/Switcheroo
  20. Sing A Tune Town/The Doodle Verse
  21. Camp Doodlenet/Mail Snail Central
  22. Rooney's Robot/Hiccupitis
  23. The Fan Who Cried Pink Dinosaur/Follow That Iguana
  24. The Zoom-Zoom Brothers/Save The Doodlenet
  25. Song Bird/Message Mess-Up
  26. Band Together/More Than Meets The Eye (Last appearance)

Rooney Doodle's Bedroom

Rooney's bedroom is all blue. The bedroom walls are a light blue and his floor was blue. His bed was blue with light blue pillows, a blue bed comforter, a blue soft blanket, a blue diary, and a blue stuffed bear. His bedroom also has blue chests of drawers, blue closets, a dark blue rack for his red guitar, a blue hammock with green stripes, blue nightstands, a blue lamp shaped like a  monkey wrench. It also has a blue chair and a blue desk, which Rooney can do a bit of planning of his inventions. He also has a television cabinet that is blue, and has a blue set of drawers with guitar shaped drawer knobs.